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Bring It On, Baby!

Some Good News

10/12/08 07:57 pm - Some Good News

This weekend, I was at the Ozark Creative Writers conference in Eureka Springs, Arkansas. Last night, at the awards banquet, I won 3rd place with Navajo Rose! :) (NR is a romantic suspense novel.)

Yesterday afternoon, I had an appointment with an agent. She said to let her think about it and ask her at the banquet last night.


I couldn't find her. So I asked some friends if they knew where she was and one said she'd just stepped out, but he'd have her get in touch with me.

Later, I was walking around just for the fun of it and I heard her talking to someone else. I went to her, apologized for interrupting, and before I could remind her about what she'd said, she asked me to send her the FULL manuscript for Navajo Rose.


And today, I'm still excited!
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