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Bring It On, Baby!

Success in 2008

I'm a writer/medical transcriptonist in southeast Oklahoma. Current projects include a fantasy novel that I'm finishing, a collection of poems, and a fantasy romance. I'm working on a couple short stories as well.

I have been making jewelry and am now getting interested in bead embroidery and bead weaving. I'm working on mastering right angle weave, though I think it's mastering me instead.

If you ping me on yahoo or MSN IM, tell me where you got my info so I don't just close the window & ignore it. *s*

Here are some other blogs you might be interested in.
Créatif: This blog is dedicated to thoughts, issues, and concerns as they pertain to creativity, writing, beadwork/jewelry making, and my journey on the creative path.
Kiernan's Curse: Kiernan is the main character in my current work-in-progress, a historical romance set in Ireland at the beginning of the Middle Ages.