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Bring It On, Baby!

AWOL Again

9/30/08 08:38 pm - AWOL Again

OK, here's the deal...

I was on vacation for two weeks. I hadn't planned on going, but I did. And I loved every minute of it. We went to see family in California and stayed in Sedona for a few nights on the way home. It was NICE.

Then, *the day* after I got back, I left again. This time I came back to Eureka Springs for two weeks at the Writers' Colony at Dairy Hollow and then a week in town, then home after a writers' conference.


I don't want to go home.

Every time I come here, it's like my soul/heart sighs, "I'm home."

I've sent out a couple job applications here. Nothing yet.

This coming Sunday, Grandma will come up and I'll move from the Writers' Colony to the Inn of the Ozarks. So there's still time. But...It just feels like it's really running out.

I could keep going on and on and on about that, but I won't.

Check Créatif for blog posts I've made since I've been here.

Oh, and I've made quite a bit of progress. I had to reprioritize what I wanted to do because I knew I brought too many projects. But, I'm within 2 1/2 chapters of being done with the rough draft for Navajo Rose. :)
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