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Bring It On, Baby!

Oh. Wow.

8/21/08 08:34 pm - Oh. Wow.

So according to my main page, I haven't updated here in 8 weeks! Wow. Sorry about that. Part of the reasoning is that I had forgotten my password and had been a bit lazy about getting it changed. Bad Jen. lol

There have definitely been some things going on since the last post. Of course!

1 - Two articles on WritingForDollars.com: 10 Tips for Getting Organized (June) and 3 Keys to the Kingdom (August).

2 - On spec assignment from Oklahoma Today magazine to cover Stratford's Little Jelly Factory. Deadline is Labor Day-ish for possible inclusion in the November/December issue (though no guarantee on anything since it's on spec).

3 - Putting a plan together and following it to get to a point where I freelance full time and transcribe no time. :) (That day can't get here soon enough, IMO.)

4 - Moved my work office from the house to Mom's new office in Ada.

5 - Bought my own laptop! (Staples had them on sale for a GREAT price!)

6 - Confessions of a Fat Chick hit the 10,000-visitor mark!

7 - I now own the domains for fatchickconfessions.com and confessionsofafatchick.com and am working on getting something put up for them.

8 - I've been giving a series of presentations on blogging as my project speeches for Toastmasters.

9 - I'm on Plurk and Twitter (twice). Drop by & see me. :)

I think that covers it for now. Since I know the password now (again?), it shouldn't be quite so long between updates.
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