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Bring It On, Baby!

Success in 2008

10/3/12 01:28 pm - Omigoodness!!!


Just.... Wow!

I'm in the middle of writing a book. Another one. I now have 2 nonfiction books, 1 poetry book, and 1 novel published.

So. Yes. I'm in the middle of writing a book and decided that something I wanted was probably posted on my LiveJournal account eons ago. I actually remembered my login information! And then I saw I last posted in 2008.


So very much has happened since then, it would take a book to tell you about all of it.

I wonder how many people still hang out here.....

10/12/08 07:57 pm - Some Good News

This weekend, I was at the Ozark Creative Writers conference in Eureka Springs, Arkansas. Last night, at the awards banquet, I won 3rd place with Navajo Rose! :) (NR is a romantic suspense novel.)

Yesterday afternoon, I had an appointment with an agent. She said to let her think about it and ask her at the banquet last night.


I couldn't find her. So I asked some friends if they knew where she was and one said she'd just stepped out, but he'd have her get in touch with me.

Later, I was walking around just for the fun of it and I heard her talking to someone else. I went to her, apologized for interrupting, and before I could remind her about what she'd said, she asked me to send her the FULL manuscript for Navajo Rose.


And today, I'm still excited!

9/30/08 08:38 pm - AWOL Again

OK, here's the deal...

I was on vacation for two weeks. I hadn't planned on going, but I did. And I loved every minute of it. We went to see family in California and stayed in Sedona for a few nights on the way home. It was NICE.

Then, *the day* after I got back, I left again. This time I came back to Eureka Springs for two weeks at the Writers' Colony at Dairy Hollow and then a week in town, then home after a writers' conference.


I don't want to go home.

Every time I come here, it's like my soul/heart sighs, "I'm home."

I've sent out a couple job applications here. Nothing yet.

This coming Sunday, Grandma will come up and I'll move from the Writers' Colony to the Inn of the Ozarks. So there's still time. But...It just feels like it's really running out.

I could keep going on and on and on about that, but I won't.

Check Créatif for blog posts I've made since I've been here.

Oh, and I've made quite a bit of progress. I had to reprioritize what I wanted to do because I knew I brought too many projects. But, I'm within 2 1/2 chapters of being done with the rough draft for Navajo Rose. :)

9/20/08 02:17 pm

Finally home. Been here an hour & a half. Transcription to do (how UNfun) and repacking like a wild woman.

9/17/08 10:34 am - Jen's Been AWOL

Hello, everybody.

I'm sorry for the extended absence lately. We've been on vacation to see family in California, a wee bit of gambling in Laughlin, NV, and a short stay in Sedona, AZ.

I'll be going straight from here to Eureka Springs, AR. Wow. It might be a bit much at once, but it's been nice. :)

I'll get caught up on blogging later this week. OK, not "caught up," per se, but back on track.

9/4/08 03:47 pm - Please Visit

If any of you are familiar with Simon Gabriel, you already know about this.

For those of you who are not, Simon was born at 24 weeks' gestation. He is in one of the best NICUs in the country in Denver, Colorado.

A group of freelance writers, work-at-home-moms, and friends have gotten together and are holding auctions to benefit Simon and his family. Please visit Auctions for Simon to see what is being offered.

For more information about Simon, you can visit One Woman's Heart and SimonGabriel.net.

9/3/08 12:49 pm - Creativity Newsletter?

After reading a book and thinking about things myself, I got to wondering about something.

Would anyone be interested in a creativity e-newsletter for a small subscription fee? I'm thinking $12/year for 6 issues.

Nothing's set in stone yet, still just thinking.

8/24/08 09:25 pm - Follow the Link, Please

There's a post on Confessions of a Fat Chick about sending love to Simon. I'll explain who Simon is when you get there.

If you choose not to visit, that's OK, but please say a prayer for Simon & his mother.

8/21/08 08:34 pm - Oh. Wow.

So according to my main page, I haven't updated here in 8 weeks! Wow. Sorry about that. Part of the reasoning is that I had forgotten my password and had been a bit lazy about getting it changed. Bad Jen. lol

There have definitely been some things going on since the last post. Of course!

1 - Two articles on WritingForDollars.com: 10 Tips for Getting Organized (June) and 3 Keys to the Kingdom (August).

2 - On spec assignment from Oklahoma Today magazine to cover Stratford's Little Jelly Factory. Deadline is Labor Day-ish for possible inclusion in the November/December issue (though no guarantee on anything since it's on spec).

3 - Putting a plan together and following it to get to a point where I freelance full time and transcribe no time. :) (That day can't get here soon enough, IMO.)

4 - Moved my work office from the house to Mom's new office in Ada.

5 - Bought my own laptop! (Staples had them on sale for a GREAT price!)

6 - Confessions of a Fat Chick hit the 10,000-visitor mark!

7 - I now own the domains for fatchickconfessions.com and confessionsofafatchick.com and am working on getting something put up for them.

8 - I've been giving a series of presentations on blogging as my project speeches for Toastmasters.

9 - I'm on Plurk and Twitter (twice). Drop by & see me. :)

I think that covers it for now. Since I know the password now (again?), it shouldn't be quite so long between updates.

6/26/08 10:41 am - Book Splotlight on Peter Bowerman

Peter Bowerman's new book, The Well-Fed Self-Publisher is in the spotlight at Créatif (link will open in a new window).
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